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EBC Brakes™ Greenstuff™ 2000 Series Upgrade Pads image

EBC Brakes™ Greenstuff™ 2000 Series Upgrade Pads


EBC Brakes™ Greenstuff™ 2000 Series Upgrade Pads have become a number one selling EBC Brakes sport brake pad ever since their launch within the EBC sports range in 1997. Over the past 20 years EBC Brakes™ Greenstuff™ 2000 Series Upgrade Pads have sold over three million sets worldwide, proving that this performance brake pad is a highly popular product.

 Here are the benefits of EBC Brakes™ Greenstuff™ 2000 Series Upgrade Pads:

  • Highly suitable material for European sport compacts or lighter model Asian cars.
  • A medium dust fast street brake pad with a brake improvement of 20-25%
  • Greenstuff brake pads are designed for passenger car/saloon car brake pad (not for Truck or SUV fitments).
  • Repeated heavy use of the brakes will not cause brake "Fall-Off".
  • Instant braking in after installation with EBC red Brake-In™ coating.
  • ECE R90 approved brake pad for most cars.
  • Creates extremely minimal disc/rotor damage.
Greenstuff brake pads are available in three ranges specifically engineered for each application:

  • Greenstuff 2000 series for sport compact and hot hatches
  • Greenstuff 6000 series for entry level truck and SUV upgrade
  • Greenstuff 7000 low dust Truck and SUV Brakes
EBC Brakes™ Greenstuff™ 2000 Series Upgrade Pads are appreciated by drivers who own cars of up to 200 BHP (brake horse power) of which the product has seen the launch of 9 versions, the current one being EBC 2000 series Greenstuff. The 2000 series formula in particular has pushed the barriers of performance of organic made friction materials. This version of Greenstuff brake pads have a specifically designed softer compound, that has been deliberately created to improve pedal feel for use on lighter cars at lower speeds.The result of this is a brake pads with higher longevity, minimum rotor wear and medium dust material.
EBC Brakes™ Greenstuff™ 2000 Series Upgrade Pads image
Many drivers of lighters cars and kit cars have used Greenstuff 2000 series with success in race use and tests at the UK MIRA Motor Vehicle Research Institute have shown a version of Greenstuff to stop a car almost 20 feet quicker than original parts on a popular hot hatch braking from 60 MPH offering a huge 15% brake improvement. When it comes to driving lighter cars and kit cars, the Greenstuff 2000 series has had the most success when used for racing and has proved to stop a car almost 20 feet quicker than OEM brake parts. This testing was performed by the UK MIRA Motor Vehicle Research Institute.